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The HR Refinery

TalentMine HR Refinery is a cutting Edge Human Resource Management preparatory certificate course for onboarding HR professionals. This course have been designed to upskill HR enthusiasts who desire to kick-start a career in Human Resource Management. Participants are introduced to the Fundamentals of Human Resources Management through the design and implementation of effective human resources policies and procedures. Best industry cases are X-rayed for learning and trending HR issues. Topics to be addressed include : the need for human resources management and its growing professionalism; human resource planning including job design and analysis; recruitment and selection; compensation; employee development; workplace health and safety; and employee relations. All participants receive a certification from TalentMine Training Academy.

Duration: 7 weeks (Weekends only)
  • Undergraduate(Final Year and Penultimate)
  • Serving Corp Members.
  • Recent Graduates (0- 3 Years post graduation).
  • 55 hours of class
  • 6 hours of Assignment Review and feedbacks
  • 3 hours of Testing
    All participants receive a certification from TalentMine Training Academy
    • Develop competent workforces’ management skills.
    • Develop personal effectiveness skills.
    • Develop the knowledge and skills needed to resolve actual human resource management problems/issues.
    • Develop employer- employee relation (employment relationship).
    • Identify the human resource needs of an organization.
    • Conduct a job analysis and produce a job description from the job analysis.
    • Apply the principles of HRM to various industries.
    • Understand the process and practices used for recruiting and selecting suitable employees.

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